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Who We Are

I’m Shona and I’m the face behind tourism-jobs.co.uk. With 10 years’ experience working for tourist boards and other tourism organisations, I grew frustrated with the lengthy job hunting process and here we are! You can find out more about my background here, search for jobs here, or post a job here.

What is tourism-jobs.co.uk?

tourism-jobs.co.uk is a jobs board dedicated to the tourism industry, includings jobs at tourist boards, visitor attractions, educating others about tourism, and other tourism related businesses. Jobs in marketing, research, visitor services and front-of-house, and education. What we don’t advertise are roles in hospitality (food and beverage services), the travel industry (travel agents, airline services, tour operators) and hotel services. If you’re interested in roles in the missing industries from this website, I suggest looking here:

We do not work as a recruitment agency, all applications are made by the applicant directly to the organisation recruiting. We also do not work with recruitment agencies, only direct with the organisation recruiting for the role.